2671G Printer

Thermal Selection:

Name: 2671
Product Number: 2671
Introduced: 1981
Division: Vancouver
Original Price: $1095
Catalog Reference: 1982, page 655


The 2671A was a text-only printer with a maximum print speed of 120 characters per second. It printed characters in a 9 x 15 dot cell matrix. The 2671G was priced at $1295 and added graphics printing capability to the features of the 2671A. It printed graphics at 90 dots per inch. The 2671 printers were available in RS-232-C or HP-IB interfaces.

In August of 1982, HP began offering 2671 printers with optional HP-IL interfaces.

The Vancouver Division also sold the print mechanism of the 267X printers (p/n 13287A) on an OEM basis between 1982 and 1985.

Click here to see the 2671 appear briefly in an article about RISC computing on the Silicon Valley TV program "Computer Chronicles" in 1986. (8 seconds, 555 kb).

Collector's Notes:

The 267X printers are very robust. For paper, they use normal thermal roll paper sold in most office supply stores for older fax machines. Although thermal printing is a quiet technology, the paper advance mechanism of these printers is plenty loud.

All seven of the 267X printers that have come through the museum have worked. However, most of these required replacement of the printhead drive belt. The old belts become gooey and flake apart. These belts are easily replaced. The replacement belts have 310 teeth and are 629.92mm long. These belts are 3.175mm wide.


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