9871 Printer

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Name: 9871A
Product Number: 9871A
Introduced: 1975
Division: Calculator Products
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Original Price: $3740
Catalog Reference: 1976, page 528


The 9871A was a wide-carriage full-character daisy wheel printer, with a print speed of 30 characters per second. It was designed for use with the 98X5 Series of computer/calculators. The 9871A used the IBM Selectric print mechanism. It also had graphics-printing capability (very, very slow). An optional tractor feeder was also available for the 9871A (P/N 98021A).

The 9871A was obsoleted in October of 1981.

Collector's Notes:

9871A printers have not held up well over time. None of the six units at the museum is in fully functioning order. Common problems include blown fuse on power up and frozen fan assemblies.

A problem that afflicts all original 9871A printers is a decayed printhead drive belt. This belt is over two meters long and winds through a drive path that includes numerous sprocketed wheels. The mechanical construction of the belt is two parallel steel cables connected by "rungs" spaced 3.75mm apart. 9871A printers pulled out of storage will usually have intact drive belts. But, after a few minutes of use, the rungs that join the two steel cables will begin to split, making it impossible for the sprocket wheels to drive the belt. The very-clever Rik Bos has identified a source (part number S7915YMCPSST) for replacement belts (which are very expensive): Posi-Drive Belt, Twin Core, 3.747mm Circular Pitch, Body Material: Molded Polyurethane, Core Material: Stainless Steel.

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