PaintJet XL

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Name: PaintJet XL
Product Number: C1602A
Introduced: 1989
Division: San Diego
Ad: Click to see, Click to see
Original Price: $2495
Catalog Reference: 1990, page 688
Donated by: Paul Homfray, Victoria.


The PaintJet XL was basically and big (and ugly) version of the successful PaintJet. It offered the same 180dpi resolution as the PaintJet. Its added features included the capability of handling A3-size media and cut-sheet media. As was the case with the DeskJet/ThinkJet "evolution", the addition of the cut-sheet capability meant a huge increase in the size, and "boxiness" of the product. The PaintJet XL was also designed to address user concerns about consumables costs. The PaintJet used a single cartridge for colour inks (a tri-chamber cyan, magenta, yellow); the entire cartridge was disposed of when one of the reservoirs ran dry. The PaintJet XL included separate cartridges for each of the three colours. These cartridges were disposed of separately when one ran dry. The PaintJet XL sold in very low volumes relative to the PaintJet.

The PaintWriter XL (C1613A) was introduced in April of 1990 at a price of $2,995. The PaintWriter XL was identical to the PaintJet XL with a built-in AppleTalk interface.

Collector’s Notes:

HP stopped selling replacement print cartridges for the PaintJet and PaintJet XL in the late 1990s. These were the first two inkjet printers for which HP discontinued printhead manufacturing. PaintJet printheads are probably refillable; we have not yet attempted this at the museum.

PaintJet XLs will print on normal computer printer paper, but print quality is much better on HP's special PaintJet paper (which is also no longer available).

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