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Storage - Paper Tape/Card Selection:

Name: 7260A Card Reader
Product Number: 7260A
Introduced: 1973
Division: Data Systems
Ad: Click to see
Original Price: $3190
Catalog Reference: 1975, page 544
Donated by: Australian Computer Museum Society


The 7260A and 7261A ($2760) were input devices used for reading marked cards. These machines had an input capacity of 300 cards. The 12986A was the bundled part number for the 7260A connected to HP 2100 Series computers. The 9869A was the bundled part number for connecting the 7261A to 9800 Series computer/calculators.

The 7260A had an RS-232 serial interface (for connection remote from the computer). The 7261A had a parallel interface and was usually installed in the computer room.

HP sold its 2500th 726X card reader in May of 1976. The 7260 was obsoleted in May of 1983.

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