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7900A Disc Drive

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Name: 7900A Disc Drive
Product Number: 7900A
Introduced: 1971
Division: Mountain View
Ad: Click to see, Click to see
Original Price: $9975
Catalog Reference: 1972, page 400
Donated by: Paul Schroeter, HP Australia.


The 7900A was a combination disc drive with a fixed hard disc and a removable hard disc platter. It had a total storage capacity of 4.9MB. The 7900A had an average access time of 35ms and a data transfer rate of 245K per second. The 7900A had an external power supply (P/N 13215A, included in the price). The 7901A (introduced in 1972) had a single, removable platter with no fixed disc, and an integrated power supply.

The 7900A also came in bundled configurations (racking, interface card, cables, etc) for 2000/1000 computers and for 3000 computers. The part numbers were 12960A and 30110A respectively.

In April of 1976, HP shipped its 5000th 7900A disc drive. The 7900A was obsoleted in August of 1980.

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