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Name: 7920 Disc Drive
Product Number: 7920
Introduced: 1977
Division: Disc Memory
Ad: Click to see
Original Price: $17000
Catalog Reference: 1979, page 641
Donated by: Glenn Baddelly, Victoria (7925).


The 7920 represented the beginning of the next generation of system hard disc drives up from the 790X drives. The 7920 drives held removable 50MB disc platters. The 7920M also included a controller into which an additional seven slave drives could be connected (7920S). The 7925 disc drives (introduced in 1978) came with 120MB removable disc platters. These drives had an average seek time of 25ms and a data transfer rate of 938K per second.

The 7920 and 7925 used the AMIGO command set.

The 7920 and 7925 were obsoleted in May of 1986.

Click here to view Dorsett Technologies video on the 1000E, 7906 disc drive and 7920 disc drive.

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