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35741B Monitor

Vectra Selection:

Name: 35741B RGB Monitor
Product Number: 35741B
Introduced: 1985
Division: Roseville Terminals
Original Price: $995
Catalog Reference: 1987, page 99
Donated by: Carl Cristini Qenos, Altona Victoria


The 35741A/B was a twelve-inch RGB color monitor with resolution of 640 x 400 dots. The 35741A/B (The "B" model was the international version) was commonly used with Original Vectra PCs and 300 Series computers. The 35741A/B supported the HP Touch Accessory.

Collector's Notes:

Modern multisync monitors will work in place of the 35741 including the NEC LCD1800, LCD1810, LCD1830 (the unit we tested had some flicker) and LCD2010. Monotech makes a converter unit (MVC007) which enables you to use a standard VGA monitor in place of a 35741.

As of 2013, we observed a 30% to 40% failure rate in 35471 monitors. The problem is usually with the power supply. This can sometimes be corrected by replacing an internal fuse on the power supply PCB (which can be accessed by disassembling the unit and removing the power supply assembly). Another common failure occurs when one of the RGB electron guns stops working.

The German company STCS makes a new compatible replacement monitor for the 35741, click here.

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