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Handheld Selection:

Name: 94
Product Number: 94
Introduced: 1985
Division: Handheld Computer and Calculator Operation
Original Price: $1395
Catalog Reference: 1987, page 61


The 94 was a rugged "industrial" computer designed for field data collection and item tracking. Applications for the 94 were programmed on IBM-compatible computers in either BASIC or assembly language and downloaded to the 94 for use. The 94 came standard with a barcode interface, audio jack and serial interface with communication speed up to 9600 baud. The 94 came in three versions of different memory configurations. The 94D had 64K RAM and was priced at $1395. The 94E had 128K RAM and was priced at $2095. The 94F had 256K RAM and was priced at $2795.

We have software for these computers here and here.

Collector's Notes:

94 handheld computers are very reliable. As of 2013, we have had experience with over twenty of these machines and only one didn't work. You will find it handy to have the AC power adapter as the rechargeable batteries no longer hold a charge. Also, you will need to replace the internal button cell battery. For the computer to operate, you need to have the rechargeable battery connected. You may need to apply AC power for up to 30 minutes before the 94 becomes willing to power up.

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