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Handheld Selection:

Name: 71B
Product Number: 71B
Introduced: 1983
Division: Personal Computer Division
Original Price: $550
Catalog Reference: 1985, page 63


Like the 75C, the 71B was a handheld, single-line BASIC computer. The 71B was smaller and less expensive than the 75C. The 71B had a 64K operating system and 17.5K user memory. It came with four ports for adding ROM-based programs or additional user memory. The 71B offered an optional magnetic card reader and optional HP-IL interface. With the optional card reader, the 71B used the same magnetic cards as the HP-75. However, programs written for one machine could not be used on with the other, because the computers had different versions of BASIC.

Collector's Notes:

71 and 75 handheld computers are very reliable. As of 2013, all six or seven units we have at the museum are in working order.

Jeff Garnier has created a very clever USB interface to connect HP-IL computers to modern PCs. PIL-Box.

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