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1000 - 21MX Selection:

Name: 21MX F-Series
Product Number: 2111F
Introduced: 1978
Division: Data Systems
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Original Price: $11750
Catalog Reference: 1979, page 617


The F-Series was the top-of-the-range of the original HP-1000 21-MX computers. The F-Series offered the same processing speed as the E-Series computers and also provided the same I/O specifications. The F-Series included a separate hardware floating point processor.

The F-Series came in two configurations: the 2111F (priced at $11750 with 64 KB memory) was 12 1/4 inches high and offered nine expansion slots within the mainframe; the 2117F (priced at $15000 with 128 KB memory) was 17 1/2 inches high and offered 14 expansion slots. The 2111F could hold a maximum of 640 KB of memory within the mainframe, and the 2117F could hold a maximum of 1.2 MB.

The F-Series computers were very reliable from the outset. HP shipped 138 units in the first three months of production. Only one of the units failed.

The Washington State-based company Strobe makes new classic HP-1000 (21-MX and A-Series) hardware as well as DEC-compatible hardware.

A bootable disc image of the latest software for this computer can be found here and here.

For everything you need to build a paper tape reader emulator for HP 1000 21-MX computers, click here.

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